Friday, June 27, 2014


Experimental/Avant Garde Cinema Week Day 5

There are several experimental or avant garde films on the 1001 movie list. In trying to figure out how to deal with them, I have tried to handle these often tough nuts to crack by just watching them and trying to answer ten basic questions about them on my personally devised standardized test. So let us continue with..

Flaming Creatures

1. What happens?
Operatic music plays. Several transvestites try on lipstick. We have a shot of someone shaking their penis. A young lady mocks protest as she is having her breast touched to the tune of Asian music. Halfhearted screaming accompanies an orgy scene. Violin music plays and we see the aftermath of the orgy...I guess. Some laying around...not much happening, frankly. More modern music plays as a drag queen comes out of a box. Nothing much happens before a couple of the people begin dancing Astaire/Rogers style. Sounds like Mariachi music now. The people spin to the dance. Look, a man points to a woman's nipple! Gene Vincent's Be-Bop-A-Lula begins playing before we get a shot of a final jiggling breast.

2. Was it heavy? Did it achieve total heaviosity?
It really wanted to be heavy, but I could pick this one up and toss it across the room with one hand. Sorry, not that heavy.

3. What was your favorite part?
Other than the fact that this was better than Blonde Cobra, I would think the diverse musical selections would be the best part.

4. What was your least favorite part?
I could have done without the penis shaking part...or the mock rape scene for that matter.

5. Did you get it?
I'm afraid I did not, though I can at least understand how someone else might, unlike Blonde Cobra!

6. Might the viewing experience have been enhanced from either prescription or non-prescription medication of some kind?
It could only help. Preferably something to make you very "giggly."

7. What about the sex?
When the characters aren't lying around, it's all about sex.

8. What about the violence?
You could look at the mock rape scene as violence. You could also look at it as farce. Or somewhere in-between.

9. Describe this film in one sentence starting with "This is the film..."
This is the film that I'm giving too much credit to for just not being Blonde Cobra!

10. Would you watch it again?
I seriously doubt it. But I'd certainly re-watch it before watching Blonde Cobra again!


  1. Group post: I agree on both Flaming Creatures and Blonde Cobra. You liked Man with a Movie Camera a little more than I did. You mention looking at the clock a few times. I also felt it could have been shorter.

  2. I think Blonde Cobra has been my least favorite film so far from the book. I do doubt anything can top Salo for being the most offensive!