Thursday, February 15, 2018


Scene from Sergei Eisenstein's Strike

"His (Director Sergei Eisenstein) first film, Strike (1924), revealed the bold, broad strokes of a new film master. From the film's opening montage sequence-of whirring machines, spinning gears, factory whistles, of traveling shots along the length of the factory complex, of dynamic, dizzying movement-the film proclaimed that a brilliant cinematic imagination was at work."-Gerald Mass, A Short History of the Movies, p. 57.

Eisenstein's most famous film is probably always going to remain Potemkin, but the earlier Strike is a memorable film in it's own right. The montage and editing that he would use so famously in Potemkin is in evidence here as well. And the story about the fat cats doing everything they can to squash the will of their workers certainly has more than a ring of truth to it.-Comrade Cox, 1001: A Film Odyssey

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