Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Son of 21st century films month! (Post 4 of 12)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The Rex Reed factor

There are some critics over the years that I have used as a pretty good barometer to judge whether or not I will like a film or not (Roger Ebert or Eleanor Ringel are examples). There are other critics that I may disagree with but are enjoyable to read (Pauline Kael and David Thompson come to mind). So where does that leave long-time New York Post critic Rex Reed, with his drippy sarcasm and apparent lack of taste for anything remotely offbeat? I'm glad you asked. I use him as a reverse barometer. If the former Gong Show panelist doesn’t like something, it is probably something to check out. Or if one of the co-stars of Myra Breckinridge raves too much about a film, it makes me more than a little hesitant to watch.

The problem in this case is that Rex really liked The Curious Case of Benjamin Button…and so did I. Well, I'm still not going to change any of my critical or reverse critical barometers. Let's say that Rex and I will just have to agree to agree on this one.

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