Thursday, January 16, 2014


Doesn't it seem like British movies have a distinctive air of, for lack of another word Britishness? 
But exactly HOW British are they?

How British is it? Month (Post 6 of 10)

The Man in Grey

Gainsborough Film Studios in Great Britain put out a series of popular motion picture costume period dramas like The Man in Grey during World War II. Who wouldn't want a little escapism during times of war?

The Man in Grey's plot involves four main characters. They are played by the largely evil Margaret Atwood and James Mason (above) and the largely good Phyllis Calvert and Stewart Granger. I found the intrigues of the plot interesting and James Mason's character is probably the most memorable, thought I'm still not sure this film would make my 1001 list. I did like the movie being framed in a modern day setting which features Calvert and Granger as contemporary characters.

How British Is It? The modern setting featuring British today (1943) and the main setting during the Regency period of the early 19th century is damn British.

Rating for Britishness from 1-10: I can't say this was my favorite of the films I saw this month, but it's damn sure British! Let's give it a 10!

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