Thursday, August 14, 2014


Sex! Drugs! and Rock and Roll!or 
If You Remember the 60's You Weren't Really There Week
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Plot synopsis: Starts off like a Strawberry Statement student protest movie and eventually becomes a kind of cross between a desert Bonnie and Clyde meets Blue Lagoon kinda thing.

It's a 60's kind of quote: (Drug quote part 1) After the girl offers him dope the guy says "This group I'm in had rules about smoking, we were on sort of a reality trip." The girl replies, "What a drag."

Iconic 60's shot: The girl imagines her bourgeoisie lifestyle blowing to bits (below).

Sex: Desert sex between our two rebels evolves into kind of a great desert orgy with people rolling in the sand we don't know that just appear in the movie, but it's's all groovy.

Drugs: (Drug quote part 2) The girl smokes dope and takes in the desert in a whole new way. The guy says, "It was nice of you to come (to the desert) with a guy that doesn't turn on." The girl replies, "I'm pretty tolerant."

Rock and Roll: Original music by The Rolling Stones (that's 60's!) Pink Floyd (that's very 60's!), Jerry Garcia (that's very, very 60's!) and  Patti Page's Tennessee Waltz...which is not so 60's, but is a pretty nice tune.

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