Monday, April 26, 2010

TOP HAT (1935)

(The blog writer has just watched the first two parts of Ingmar Bergman’s faith trilogy: Through a Glass Darkly and Winter Light. He has been accompanied in his viewing by the invisible being known only as The Presence. For the third part of Bergman’s trilogy, The Silence, the emotionally distraught blog writer leaves The Presence, who has been instructed to watch the film alone and report back to the blog writer. However, left to his own devices, The Presence goes rogue.)

About an hour into the film

Blog Writer: (Approaching The Presence) Okay, I’m feeling bad about making you watch this by yourself. I’ve decided to come and…hey! What the hell are you doing?

The Presence: Don’t you just love Astaire and Rogers? I found this on YouTube.

Blog Writer: I leave you alone to watch Ingmar Bergman’s The Silence and instead you decide to watch Top Hat?

The Presence: Now don’t get cross with me, my friend. I looked at your little 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book. There was a listing for Through a Glass Darkly, a listing for Winter Light, and no listing for The Silence.

Blog Writer: That’s impossible. Why would they only list the first two? (He picks up the book and goes to the index.) Hey, you’re right, but-

The Presence: And look at the listing on page 124.

Blog Writer: Top Hat? Why do they not have The Silence, but list Top Hat?

The Presence: Do I look like a book editor to you?

Blog Writer: You don’t look like anything. You’re invisible! I suppose you do have me on a technicality. Well, how is it?

The Presence: Ginger Rogers-exquisite. Fred Astaire-charming. Fred’s playing a confirmed bachelor, until he meets Ginger of course. He pitches woo. She falls for him, but finds out he’s married. But he’s not really married you see, she only thinks he is because of mistaken identity. I’m only about half way through, but I’m sure you’re going to see some more misunderstandings.. They’ll dance some more. They’ll be some funny lines from Edward Everett Horton and Fred and Ginger will be together at the end.

Blog Writer: Guess there’s no “Spider-God” in this one.

The Presence: Will you shut up about Bergman and his Spider-God already? Just enjoy the show! You can go goth and wear as much black as you want another day. I want to see Fred and Ginger dance! Besides, you left me in charge here.

Blog Writer: It does look entertaining, I admit.

The Presence: The scene where Fred shuffles on sand above Ginger’s room to put her to sleep. Wow-love that scene.

Blog Writer: I guess I would like to see that. Hey,who’s that guy?

The Presence: An Italian. Trying to step in between Fred and Ginger.

Blog Writer: Damn Europeans.

The Presence: I think he might be a Eunuch.

Blog Writer: Well, I guess…

(At this point the blog writer feels a force hitting his chest hard enough for him to take a step back.)

Blog Writer: Hey!

The Presence: Oh, sorry. I got excited. It’s my favorite part coming up. Shhhh!
(Singing along with the movie) Heaven, I’m in heaven
And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
And I seem to find the happiness I seek
When we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek

(The Blog Writer notices moisture forming on his keyboard)

Blog Writer: Are you crying?

The Presence: (Sniveling) Why they’s angels. Angels just like they’re up in heaven.

(The Blog Writer nods his head in reluctant agreement)

The Presence: (Still singing) Heaven, I’m in heaven
And the cares that hang around me through the week

The Presence & The Blog Writer: (Both singing now)
Seems to vanish like a gambler’s lucky streak.
When we’re out together dancing cheek to cheek.

(A spider crawls across the desk in front of The Presence and the Blog Writer, who are too engrossed in the film to notice.)


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