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This is my choice (choices) for Best Picture for the year 1953  My criteria is that I can only use films that are on the 1001 list. To make it a little easier on myself, I am using the rules of the first Academy Award and name a winner for Best Picture (won by Wings for 1927-1928) and Best and Unique and Artistic Picture (won by Sunrise from 1927-1928). 

Seventeen count 'em seventeen movie to choose from for this year!

And the nominees on the entries from every edition of 1001 Movie You Must See Before You Die are...
The Bigamist
The Bandwagon
The Earrings of Madame De...
From Here to Eternity
Tokyo Story
Roman Holiday
Wages of Fear
The Naked Spur
Pickup on South Street
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
The Big Heat
Mr. Hulot's Holiday
Voyage in Italy
Tales of Ugetsu
Beat the Devil
Summer with Monika

And the winner for the Best Picture of 1953 is…Wages of Fear

Wages of Fear

Henri Georgies-Clouzot's Wages of Fear could have won in either of these categories. The story of four men hired to transport nitroglycerin over rough terrain works a a great adventure film and is also an artistic triumph. I really do need to watch this one again...and maybe William Friedkin's remake Sorcerer as well? Two more for my viewing queue!

Wages of Fear

And the Award for Unique and Artistic Picture of 1953 is...Tokyo Story

Tokyo Story

I had a friend who was a big Ozu fan and lent me all his Ozu DVD's and watching them in succession was quite interesting. The plots involving family life are mostly the same throughout each picture, yet with slight variations. Tokyo Story is the most famous of the bunch and the story of a daughter dealing with her aging parents is quite moving. Isn't life disappointing? Yes, but Tokyo Story doesn't disappoint.

Tokyo Story

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