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This is my choice (choices) for Best Picture for the year 1960.  My criteria is that I can only use films that are on the 1001 list. To make it a little easier on myself, I am using the rules of the first Academy Award and name a winner for Best Picture (won by Wings for 1927-1928) and Best and Unique and Artistic Picture (won by Sunrise from 1927-1928). 

And the nominees on the entries from 1960 for every edition of 1001 Movie You Must See Before You Die are...
Eyes Without a Face
Le Trou
Rocco and His Brothers
La Dolce Vita
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning
Shoot the Piano Player
The Young One
The Cloud-Capped Star
The Housemaid
Black Sunday
Peeping Tom
The Apartment

And the winner for the Best Picture of 1960 is…Psycho


I've seen it a dozen times. Norman Bates in that hotel.Janet Leigh in the shower. Mamma in the cellar. It's with me forever. Can't not pick this one.


And the Award for Unique and Artistic Picture of 1960 is...uh...uh...
This year's category for Unique and Artistic Picture is the one I couldn't decide on. I'm going to have to think this one out.

Eyes Without a Face is a good B-Horror movie, but in a year with Psycho and Peeping Tom, it just isn't going to make it.

Le Trou, the prison escape movie that I found totally absorbing is a real possibility.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, good film about working class Brits may have won in other years, but not the winner in this unusually strong year.

Shoot the Piano Player is my favorite of the Francois Truffaut films that I've seen, though may be to stuck in the gangster genre to win the artistic award.

L'avventura and La Dolce Vita, two landmark art films and among their respective director's best!

The Young One, Different and worthwhile Luis Bunuel, but not going to win this time.

The Cloud-Capped Star, recommended film, though I like director Ghatak's Subarnarekha more.

The Housemaid, another horror film ahead of its time from this year! What is it about 1960?

Black Sunday, Italian horror film. Nice B-picture, but not really the one to win.

Psycho, Could have one the award in this category, but I chose to give it the other award. So gotta keep looking!

Peeping Tom, Killer film in some ways more ahead of its time than Psycho. Decisions! Decisions!

The Apartment and Spartacus, two favorite films of mine in their own right. What to do?

Rocco and His Brothers, epic tale of 1960 Italy and a families struggle to make it....Excellent film! Ugh!

And the winner for Unique and Artistic Picture is...Peeping Tom
Whereas Psycho was a stylish upgrade of B-movie horror, Peeping Tom was Michael Powell's "so far ahead of its time it isn't even funny" slasher film. Since I couldn't really make up my mind for award, I thought it would be right to have two horror films in a year of innovative and influential films in this genre.

Peeping Tom

Let's move on before I change my mind again!

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