Sunday, December 22, 2013


The Golden Age of Comedy (Post 8 of 12)
Modern Times

Modern Times is probably my all-time favorite of the Chaplin films. Chaplin was about the only one with the power and skill to still make silent films in 1936, and this film was a tremendous achievement. Charlie's scene (above) that is an exercise to get the workers to eat lunch more efficiently is a classic, as well as his assembly line stunts.

I also liked the ebb and flow of this character continually getting into trouble, going to jail and then getting out before repeating the process.

There's also something about Chaplin's blindfolded skating and almost falling that I've always liked.

And Modern Times also finds the perfect woman counterpart for the little tramp in Paulette Goddard.


  1. You're right about Paulette Goddard. To me, she looks incredibly modern, like you could pluck her out of this film and pop her into a current one, and she'd fit right in.

    My 10-year-old loves this film, particularly the feeding machine sequence. I've shown this to classes filled with people who have never seen a silent, and almost all of them have been surprised at not only how funny it is, but by how much they liked it.

  2. Loved going through the silent comedies again. The dramas have been more of a mixed lot so far.