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The Sandlot

Not too long ago, I saw someone wearing a t-shirt that had a chubby kid with a baseball cap on that read, "You're Killing Me Smalls" on it. I asked where that was from and they looked at me as if I was mental and told me it was from the movie The Sandlot. I asked a couple of other people about this later and they also couldn't believe I hadn't seen it. I guess this 1993 baseball movie about kids playing a game at the local field and battling with the monstrer/dog behind the fence is a generational baseball movie equivalent of The Bad News Bears, (the original, of course) to me.

I've seen it now. It's cute. More importantly, I've got my street cred now, but haven't decided whether or not I'll get the t-shirt yet.
My wife says, "I haven't seen that either. Searching for Bobby Fisher, that's a 1993 movie everyone should see "
Comes in Large,
Medium or Smalls

Martin Scorsese's take on Edith Wharton's classic, The Age of Innocence starts with voice over narration that introduces us to the main family/families in this story. I wish I had had a golf pencil and a pad of paper to keep them all straight as it was quite the information dump. As soon as the movie started to focus on the main three characters, Newland, the lawyer (Daniel Day-Lewis), Countess Olenski (Michele Pfeffier) and May (Winona Rider) and Newland's fiance, I was able to get into it more. A definite departure for Scorsese.
My wife says, "It's okay."
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The Age of Innocence

Now Go Home And Get Your F@#Kin Shinebox Black T-Shirt Front
I could find no Age of Innocence
t-shirts, but here's a classic T
from another Scorsese film

Here are some movies I've seen that were released in 1993 not in the 1001 book. I admit that I've only seen a fraction of some and I've solicited my wife's opinion on many of these.

Another Stakeout
I like the original Stakeout, but I'll be darned if I can remember much about the sequel other than Emilio Estevez's mustache. Maybe team this one up with another lesser sequel, Another 48 Hours.
My wife says, "I didn't see this one and didn't even see this first one."
I hope my wife can be a tad more helpful on some of these other movies.

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Another Stakeout

Another 48 Hours

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
Interesting in retrospect that an animated Batman feature was a theatrical release in 1993. And a pretty good one. Let's watch this one in a double feature with Scooby Doo Meets Batman from 1972.
My wife says, "I never saw that one. Sounds interesting."
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Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

Scooby-Doo Meets Batman
Ian liked it
Benny and Joon
Since this is one of my wife's favorites, I'll just rely on her comment. Since Depp has a Buster Keaton thing in this movie, let's team this one up with Keaton's classic Seven Chances.
My wife says,"I really liked it. Never underestimate someone's ability due to quirky behavior"
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Benny and Joon

Seven Chances

Beverly Hillbillies
Having grown up with the original show during its original run and in re-runs-so I'm sort of a built in audience for this. The most natural casting choice to me is Dabney Coleman as Mr. Drysdale, the banker.
My wife says, (On the original show) "One of those shows silly and funny.Reminds me of haves and have nots. Misunderstandings are funny." And if you remember the Clampetts eating at the fancy eating (the pool table) table, misunderstandings are prevalent in original Beverly Hillbillies.
The Beverly Hillbillies (movie)

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The Beverly Hillbillies (Original Flavor)

Bodies of Evidence
I remember this as being a Madonna film where she is actually appealing to me. I say that as someone who isn't a big fan.
My wife has a different take as she does like MadonnaMy wife says, " (I like) her rebelness.(I like) Who's That Girl. (I like) Vision Quest, but she wasn't in that one but Crazy For You is on the sound track. So entertaining! Outrageous!"
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Bodies of Evidence

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Madonna from the Borderline video 1984

Boxing Helena
I confess I haven't seen this one. I did ask a friend what the most offensive movie they ever saw was and she was adamant that this film about an obsessive doctor that amputates a patients legs and keeps her prisoner topped her list. I you must watch this, round it out with one of The Faces of Death movies for a most offensive double feature!
My wife says,"Sounds creepy"
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Boxing Helena

I loved the old skit on Saturday Night Live with Beldar Conehead's alien family, but it didn't really translate into a feature, which has been the fate of several Saturday Night Live skits.
My wife says "Not really a Conehead person. A generational thing."
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Coneheads '93

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The Coneheads '77

A Dangerous Woman
I remember this as a good film for Debra Winger as a complicated mentally disabled person.
My wife says, "I didn't see it, I still think of An Officer and a Gentleman when I think of Debra Winger."

In turn, I think of the third episode ever of The Simpsons when I think of An Officer and a Gentleman.

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A Dangerous Woman

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The Simpsons/An Officer and a Gentleman

Falling Down
Oh, yeah. That white man fed up movie. I remember having new glasses at the time and a co-worker said, "You look like Michael Douglas in Falling Down." Still not sure how to take that.

My wife says,"I don't think that was anything. Romancing the Stone is a Miachel Douglas movie I really like."
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Falling Down

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Romancing the Stone
Fire in the Sky
Aliens have landed in the back woods. I have a friend into UFO's that really liked this one.
My wife says, "A favorite alien movie of mine is The Arrival."
"Fire in the Sky isn't quite as cerebral," I replied.
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Fire in the Sky

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The Arrival

The Firm
Agree with my wife's comment below. Would make a good double feature with The Paper Chase, because you got to get that law degree before you join the firm!
My wife says, "John Grisham movies then were a fad. Thought it translated well for a movie."
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The Firm

The Paper Chase

Fatal Instinct
A much better spoof movie would be the underrated Top Secret! from 1984.
My wife says,"Didn't see it. I have seen both of the movies in the title it was based on."
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Fatal Instinct

Top Secret!

The Fugitive
I'm a big fan of the original series (1963-1967). I like the movie as well. But just how did he survive that fall from the waterfall without a scratch?
My wife says"Good actors make the movie. Fascinating to watch."
Related image
The Fugitive '93

The Fugitive '67

Epic TV film about the turning battle of The Civil War.

My wife says,"I didn't see it. Gone with the Wind and Cold Mountain would be my favorite movies about The Civil War."
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Cold Mountain
Grumpy Old Men
You really can't beat Lemmon and Matthau together. I really need to re-watch The Fortune Cookie.
My wife says, "They are funny together."
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Grumpy Old Men

The Fortune Cookie
Hocus Pocus
Not a fan. Irritating and too broad. A lot of people love it.
My wife says, "Love it."
I say, "You want a good movie about witches? Try Dreyer's Day of Wrath...Different kind of movie, I know."

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Hocus Pocus

Day of Wrath

Hot Shots Part Deux
Lloyd Bridges is as funny in this movie as he is in Airplane.
My wife says, "I haven't seen it. You say it's like Airplane? Not a big fan of Airplane."
Image result for hot shots part deux bridges
Hot Shots Part Deux


In the Line of Fire
Suspenseful. Would make a good "Attempted Assassination" double feature with The Day of the Jackal.

My wife says, "Suspenseful, I like John Malkovich as the assassin.
Image result for in the line of fire rene russo
In the Line of Fire

The Day of the Jackal

Indecent Proposal
My girlfriend at the time said, "I get to trade in Woody Harrelson for Robert Redford and get a million dollars? I'll take that deal!" As long as you are talking about swapping wives, might as well go all Bob & Carl & Ted & Alice.
My wife says, "Kind of Lame, gimmicky."
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Indecent Proposal

Bob & Carl & Ted & Alice.

The Joy Luck Club
Complex stories...well told. Crazy Rich Asians aside, I'd team this one with The Wedding Banquet (Also 1993) as a double feature.
My wife says,"Very good adaptation."
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The Joy Luck Club

The Wedding Banquet

Brad Pitt and Juliet Lewis are good as a Charlie Starkweather type killer and girlfriend. Didn't Lewis play the same part in Natural Born Killers?
My wife says, "It's fine but forgettable."
Related image

Natural Born Killers

Last Action Hero
I like the way this film mocked how silly the American action film can be, though it is a bit silly itself at times.
A good double feature for this one that spoofs the genre might be I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka!
My wife says, "Fun. I like when an actor like Arnold can make fun of himself."
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The Last Action Hero

I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka!

Mad Dog and Glory
Chiefly notable for Bill Murray playing the Robert De Niro type part and Robert De Niro playing the Bill Murray type part. Want to see another unusual Murray part? Try Ed Wood.
My wife says,"Groundhog Day. That's a Murray movie I really like"
Related image
Mad Dog and Glory

Ed Wood
Made in America
Ted Danson and Whoopi Goldberg provide some laughs.Team this one with One Potato, Two Potato for an interracial romance double bill.
My wife says, "Actually pretty funny."
Image result for made in america ted danson
Made in America

One Potato, Two Potato

Manhattan Murder Mystery
Good final teaming of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton. Play It Again Sam was the first.
My wife says, "Didn't see it."

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Manhattan Murder Mystery

Play It Again, Sam

Underrated and well done  film about a theater promoter taking advantage of the Cuban Missile Crisis to sell tickets to horror films. Team this one up with a real horror movie and one of my favorites from 1962, Carnival of Souls.
My wife says, :"I didn't see that one, either."

Image result for matinee 1993

Carnival of Souls

Mrs. Doubtfire
I can't think of anyone but Robin Williams who could have pulled this cross-dressing nanny story so well off so well. Definitely make this one a double feature with Tootsie.
My wife says, "Gotta love this one. Robin and  Harvey Fierstein have a lot of funny interaction. Showcased his talent"
Image result for mrs. doubtfire 1993
Mrs. Doubtfire


Much Ado About Nothing

I think Kenneth Branagh has done a lot to make Shakespeare accessible to a modern day audience.
Team up this one with Branagh's Hamlet, but only if you have four hours to spend with it.
My wife says, "We did see this on stage locally. Maybe I'll appreciate Shakespeare more someday."
Related image
Much Ado About Nothing

My Neighbor Totoro
The movie actually came out before 1993, but a new English language version was listed as coming out this year and you can never list Totoro enough. You also can't see Spirited Away enough. Let's team it up with that.
My wife says, "Every child should see this movie."
Image result for my neighbor totoro umbrella

My Neighbor Totoro

Spirited Away

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Should be regular holiday viewing if you can decide which holiday to view it. Let's team it with the original How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
My wife says, Can't decide whether it's a Christmas movie or Halloween.
Related image
The Nightmare Before Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas '66

The Pelican Brief
See Listing under The Firm. Maybe team this one up with John Grisham's more light-hearted Christmas with the Kranks.
My wife says, "There really were a lot of Grisham adaptations during the 90's."
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The Pelican Brief

Christmas with the Kranks

A Perfect World
Kevin Costner is quite good in Clint Eastwood's film about a con who kidnaps a kid. Team this one up with Breezy for an offbeat Eastwood director double feature.
My wife says, "I still can't believe you've never seen The Bodyguard." "I'll get to it," I reply.
Image result for perfect world 1993
A Perfect World


Point of No Return
It seems like I watched the opening scene to this movie where she tries to escape from a restaurant and is thwarted by a wall several times. If you want to see a "woman kicks ass" double feature, let's just team this one up with Mulan.
My wife says,"I like Gabriel Byrne in this."
Related image
Point of No Return

Robin Hood Men in Tights
One of the funnier later Mel Brooks spoofs.
My wife says, "I still like the Robin Hood with Kevin Costner."
In deference to my wife, I'll team this one up with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.
Image result for men in tights 1993 little john drowning
Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Robin Hood: Prince of Theives

Romeo is Bleeding
I just remember this as a totally off-the-wall film. And it has Gary Oldman and Lena Oldman! Let's make this one a Lena Olin double feature and watch this with The Unbearable Lightness of Being.
My wife says, "Didn't see it."
Image result for romeo is bleeding lena olin
Romeo is Bleeding

The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Searching For Bobby Fischer
An inspirational movie. Everyone should see it. Team it up with the documentary, Bobby Fischer Against the World.
My wife says, ."An inspirational movie. Everyone should see it."
Related image
Searching for Bobby Fischer

Bobby Fischer Against the World

Sleepless in Seattle
If you need a romantic film, you could do worse. I'll do the obvious and team this one up with An Affair to Remember.
My wife says, "Romantic. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are a good team."
Image result for sleepless in seattle
Sleepless in Seattle

An Affair to Remember

My girlfriend at the time questioned the logistical improbabilities of one of the sex scenes and I can't say she was wrong. Team this one up with the James Caan/Sally Kellerman Slither from 1973 since the films share the same title.
My wife says, "Meh."
Image result for sliver 1993
Sliver '93

Sliver '73

Super Mario Brothers Movie
Seems like a watched it. I know my son likes to reference it. I do like Bob Hoskins as Mario. Team this one up with the 2014 documentary, Atari: Game Over.
My wife says, "Didn't see it. I like playing Super Mario III"
Image result for super mario bros 1993

Super Mario Brothers Movie

Atari: Game Over

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III
I remember how the kids were obsessed with the Ninja Turtles. III was about the end of the line for them until their inevitable revival later on. Let's team this one up on a double bill with another famous movie turtle, Gamera, the Giant Monster.
My wife says, "Didn't see it. I like the original one."
Image result for tmnt iii 1993
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

Gamera, The Giant Monster

Tom and Jerry: the Movie
I think the only way I've seen this is from a review from one of my son's favorite Youtube shows, The Nostalgia Critic. I recommend the review, if not the movie. Let's at least watch this one with one of the original Hanna Barbera classic if we must watch it at all.
My wife says, "Tom and Jerry aren't supposed to talk."
Image result for tom and jerry the movie
Tom and Jerry: The Movie

Hanna Barbera's Tom and Jerry

True Romance
An early Tarantino, but not directed by Tarantino. Lets double bill this one with another of the weird collection of Gary Oldman performances, Track 29.
My wife says, "I don't remember much about this one."
Image result for true romance 1993 gary oldman
True Romance

Track 29
Wayne's World 2
I remember almost nothing about Wayne's World 2. I remember almost everything about the first one. Team this one up with Airplane II, another relatively ignored sequel.
My wife says, "I remember almost nothing about Wayne's World 2. The first one is very quotable.
Image result for waynes world ii

Wayne's World 2

Airplane II

What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Well told story of a dysfunctional family. Let's team this up with another movie with a dysfunctional yet very contemplative family, Woody Allen's Interiors.
My wife says, "Two big thumbs up!"
Image result for what's eating gilbert grape
What's Eating Gilbert Grape?


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