Sunday, June 17, 2012


Chicago/Prohibition week (7 of 7)

Day 7 The Road to Perdition (2002)

Since I could only find six 1001 movie entries that fit this week’s category, I had to fudge the last one with an off-book film. I’m not sure why I’d never seen The Road to Perdition before. It’s in a genre I like, was well received and certainly the teaming of Paul Newman and Tom Hanks is noteworthy. It’s good to be off-book on occasion, though I think it would make my hypothetical book.

Random thought: When hitman Jude Law starts fondling a coin, I stood up and shouted, “It’s an homage to the coin flipping hood in Scarface played by George Raft!” I stopped the film to explain this to my wife, who patiently nodded with understanding and patience and asked me to restart the movie.

“There’s on thing Chicago loves more than anything and that’s their money".

"In Chicago, just a few minutes after prohibition went into effect, six masked bandits with pistols emptied two freight cars full of whiskey, another gang stole four cases of grain alcohol from a government bonded warehouse and still another hijacked a truck loaded with bourbon. Making prohibition the law of the land was one thing, enforcing it would be another. The devil would turn out to be in the details.”- –from the Ken Burns’s documentary Prohibition

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  1. Nice review... one of my all-time favorite Tom Hanks movies. I just simply love the pace, ambiance and the setting. I found Daniel Craig to be quite impressive in his cameo and Paul Newman was as always quite effective as the laconic Mafia Don. Jude Law makes for an interesting killer. Btw, I was not aware of the homage thing... thanks for making it known :-)