Thursday, June 14, 2012


Chicago/Prohibition week (4 of 7)

Day 4 Some Like It Hot (1959)

Billy Wilder’s classic film has Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis playing two Chicago musicians that witness the St. Valentine’s Day massacre and have to go in disguise as women and join an all-girl band featuring Marilyn Monroe. The AFI voted Some Like It Hot the number one comedy of all-time and bascially, any fan of film really should see Some Like It Hot.

Random thoughts: I like the way George Raft’s coin flipping from Scarface was reprised here. I think Jack Lemmon in drag is especially good among a lively cast. And Marilyn’s “I Want to Be Loved By You,” was reprised by Lou Ann Poovie in an episode of Gomer Pyle…I did say these were random thoughts.

Well, nobody’s perfect.”

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