Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We go through a lot of DVD checkouts at the libary. Some patrons tell me that the disc they checked out wouldn't play. We do have methods to check this, (It could be your player you know!)but I took this French film home called La Belle Noiseuse home because whoever had it checked out said it wouldn't play. So I take it home. I realize it's not on the 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list, but I feel I've got to be open-minded about such things and it also has an attractive French woman named Emmanuelle Beart clearly in the buff, so I take it home.

It's a real long movie. Really long. It's about a painter. He's painting a chick (that Emmanuelle Beart that I just mentioned). He's painting her. He takes a break. He poses her. And they repeat the process. A few other characters come in. Yadda Yadda Yadda. It's about four hours long.

My descripiton is sketchy becuause I really didn't sit throught the whole thing. I took advantage of fast forwarding on the remote quite a bit. I may have watched an hour of it in total.

Well, at least it's not on the 1001 movie list. I don't have to sit through the whole thing, right?

Then I was looking at a fellow 1001 blogger's post and realzed that it was on the list! Zoinks! It's under the English title A Beautiful Troublemaker and I just missed it on the list.

Do I really have to go back and watch the whole thing? Usually, I'm the one who tries to get others to watch more artsy films, but this time I'm afraid I'm going to have to argue for the other side. Please don't make me watch the whole thing again! I realy don't want to see that beautiful naked woman posed by that painter anymore! (Did I really just say that?) Oh, hell. I'm counting it! I only read about half of The Brothers Karamozov, but if you ask me if I read it, I'm not going to qualify it. I've read it, damn it! I've read it!

Steve at 1001 Plus gives this a review which I fully endorse at:

Sam at The Last 200 movies liked the film more than I did, but I still found his review very well done.

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