Monday, February 22, 2016

CRASH (2005)

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In terms of Oscar history, Crash is noted as the film that the academy quickly shoveled the Best Picture award to so they wouldn't have to give it to the gay-themed Western, Brokeback Mountain. That's kind of an unfortunate way to think of it, because though I don't think it should have taken home Best Picture, I think Crash is a film that is very well put together and has a real perspective about race relations, human interactions and how we deal with others in general-even if we have to occasionally crash into them just to get their attention.
My choice might have been The Constant Gardner for Best Picture for that year, a film which wasn't even nominated!

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  1. Of the nominees, my choice would have been Good Night and Good Luck (although I haven't seen Munich yet). But I agree--this is a better film than its reputation. No, it shouldn't have won, but that doesn't make Crash a bad movie.