Saturday, July 13, 2013


Son of 21st century films month! (Post 5 of 12)

Children of Men

The focus of Children of Men is really in the background, behind the main focus of what is going on, according to the filmmaker Slavoj Zizek. You can see this in an oblique way only if it remains in the background, a prism in which you see the background even more sharply...

Wait a minute.

I'm not sure if I really want to continue on this route or not. Do I really want to discuss the ideological despair of late capitalism? Do I really want to attempt to wax poetic about fertility being a spiritual renewal that can be transcended through the art of motion pictures?

Where do you go when you reach a crossroads with your blog?

Is anyone listening?

Does anyone care?

Are we, the bloggers, just waiting our turn to put in our two cents?

Has the blogosphere turned us into writers INSTEAD of readers?

On a blog can anyone hear you scream?

Should I continue watching all the movies on this list when I could really be working on my dream blog of reviewing every single cartoon short in the Hanna-Barbera catalog?

I'll have to think this over.

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