Wednesday, February 10, 2016


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Some quick takes on the most relatively recent listings from the
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list

I have a minor quibble with The Last King of Scotland, the story of the tyrannical reign of Idi Amin in Uganda and the young doctor who looked after him and became derisively know as Amin's "white monkey."
The quibble is, that although most of the facts of Amin's rule seem to be thoroughly researched, the fact that is missing is that there was NO white doctor that looked after Amin! It really isn't even an amalgam of other people, it's just an utter fabrication of a character.

But that isn't to say it isn't a good movie. It is and Forrest Whitaker is certainly imposing in his Oscar winning-role. James McAvoy is also quite good playing the fictional doctor.

And I do like the fact that the movie reaches it's dramatic conclusion during the raid on Entebbe, mixing fact with fiction effectively, I must admit. 

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