Monday, February 1, 2016


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Some quick takes on the most relatively recent listings from the
1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die list

I didn't know anything about The Barbarian Invasions going in, but glancing at he DVD cover below, I assumed it might be a clever romance. After viewing, all I can say is who the hell designed this cover? The core of the film is about a grouchy, philandering, liberal and dying professor and his relationship with his conservative, high finance son. The surprise of the story is that the son turns out to be a pretty good guy and does anything he can for his dying father, including scoring some heroin to ease the pain of his dying father. Many moving scenes here, but The Barbarian Invasions is filled intelligence too.

And the romance depicted in the picture? The heroin dealer the son hooks up with (hooks up with drugwise) wants to hook up with him in other ways, but he is too nice a guy and loyal to his wife despite sharing some of the same feelings. And though this sub-plot is interesting, it is a sub-plot nonetheless. 

So I recommend the movie, but give a thumbs down to the DVD cover. I guess showing a dying man in a hospital bed wouldn't sell as many units as two attractive people kissing.


  1. The cover is also very ugly! But I fully agree with your conclusion that romance probably is a far better sales point than intelligence...