Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Color Me Kubrick Month (Post #7)

Dr. Strangleove

Kubick’s classic cold war comedy would definitely be on my top ten favorite films of all-time list. It also includes my favorite moment from any film. That, of course, is Slim Pickens descending out of his airplane riding a nuclear bomb like a cowboy in a rodeo.

Three additioinal memorable scenes:

1. General Jack D. Ripper explaining to Mandrake about the loss of his precious bodily fluids.

2.General Turginson scuffling with the Soviet ambassador in the war room.

3. Dr. Strangelove and his out of control arm.

But really, you could easily fill up a page with classic moments from this film.

1 comment:

  1. Definitely in my top 10 all time favorites as well.

    There are so many memorable scenes, including Strangelove's plans that involve living underground with a 10:1 female-to-male ratio - "a sacrifice required for the future of the human race".

    I need to re-watch over the holidays.