Sunday, December 16, 2012


Color Me Kubrick Month (Post #6)

Some Kubraphiles and even Stanley himself dismiss this as not really being a true Kubrick film, but I think it is a pretty good addition to the sea of epics that were released during this time.

Three memorable scenes:

1. Pretty much any scene with Peter Ustinov where he begins improvising dialogue to such a degree that the film seems set to break into an Airplane! style parody at any moment.

2. The film's most famous line features the Roman slaves all claiming to be the leader of the slave revolt in order to protect him from the evil Crassus.
I am Spartacus!

3.The snails and oysters scene: Censor alert: Olivier talking to Tony Curtis about liking “both snails and oysters” is really code for him being bi-sexual. But don’t tell anyone!

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