Saturday, October 20, 2018


Mr. Viy on the attack
in Viy

Viy is a Russian horror film based on the book by Nikolai Gogol. The plot involves a lost (physically at first, emotionally and spiritually later) seminary student named Khoma who winds up sleeping in the barn of an old woman. The old woman tries to seduce him and yadda, yadda, yadda, she turns into a witch that casts a spell forcing him to fly with her on his back. After they land, he angrily begins to beat her...and she turns into a young and beautiful woman. Later at the seminary, his rector informs him that this same woman (now nearing death) has sent out a message by way of her rich father, that she has wants Khoma to hold vigil over her for three nights before her inevitable death. Khoma claims not to know her, but reluctantly agrees to the task.

Khoma begins his three night vigil for the girl...each night worse than the previous one.

The film is creepily effective, though some may find the low budget special effects a bit off putting (I didn't). The finale featuring a wide variety of monstrous characters converging on Khoma (including the hideous Viy!) may be the main reason to watch the film. 

If Andrei Rublev was a low budget horror film, it might look something like Viy.

The Groovy Ghoulies meet the seminary student
in Viy

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