Thursday, January 1, 2015


HULUPALOOZA!! (Post 1 of 12)

Ever since I got Hulu Plus, it has proven to be a real help in going through many of the movies on the 1001 list, particularly the foreign films and other Criterion releases. I'll do twelve posts this month  from the 1001 list available on  Hulu Plus. But that's just the tip of the iceberg! There's a lot more than that to go through!

So there's no time for further explanation, as I need to get a move on cause I'm certainly not getting any younger!...and they could be dropping some French film from the cue as I type! It's time for Hulupalooza! (Ta da!)

The Blue Angel
I haven't seen The Blue Angel since I took a film class at Georgia State in the 80's. It is the famous story of an aging academic brought down by a showgirl. Marlene Dietrich became a star after this film, but for me, it's the downfall of Emil Janning's teacher that is the heart of the movie. 

I did wonder a bit why the showgirl hooks up with the teacher in the first place. He's a professor! You know how little they make? No matter, it's sad and the tragic last shot of Jannings is unforgettable.

Random note: Francine Prose wrote Blue Angel, one of my favorite novels. It is not based on the movie, but makes references to the original film and does follow a similar plotline.


  1. Yeah, Janning's character is heartbreaking. Did you see the English or the German version? This so early a talkie that instead of dubbing it they simply shot it twice in two languages. Janning's English however is so bad that the English language version is more of a joke, unintentionally funny.

  2. Luckily, I saw the German version. I wasn't even aware of an English version. I do know Janning's early Oscar winning performance in The Way of All Flesh is a lost film.

  3. Love this movie, and have seen both versions, and prefer the German version as well. Jannings was a great character actor.