Thursday, July 21, 2011


Pinocchio (1940)

Before Viewing: My final post in three weeks of posts from 1940's films is from my favorite Disney animated movie, Pinocchio. Will it remain so or will the whale of disappointment swallow me whole?

After viewing: Still up at the top of the list. Love Geppetto's cuckoo clocks. Great carnival of villains: Monstro, Lampwick, Honest John, Stromboli and the coachman who takes Pinocchio to Pleasure Island. Animation still looks fresh to my untrained eye and the morality tale doesn't seem forced. "Pinocchio, you are a real boy!"

And the final Elisa Cook Jr. supporting player award for the 1940's goes to...Geppetto. No. Check that. I took a poll of the house and the award will instead go to Jiminy Cricket. Just a poor, humble cricket who wants nothing more than to help Pinocchio and maybe get a nice badge from the Blue Fairy for this trouble. Sorry, Geppetto. If you'd just taken the time to walk with Pinocchio to school the first day, all of his problems may have been avoided.

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  1. I agree - Jiminy rocks. I actually did a video re-edit of Pinoccio a few years back - mixed it with an electronic soundtrack to bring out the original meaning of the fairytale.

    Nice idea for a blog, and great writing style too :)

    I have a fairly unique slant for my blog - I'm a film maker who writes film reviews. Do check it out!