Thursday, March 10, 2011


My own personal March movie madness. My goal is make 31 posts in 31 days about 31 movies. They all must be non-U. S. films that I haven’t seen before. Why do I make this stipulation? Don’t know exactly, by we all have to have goals, don’t we?

Day ten, from the Kingdom of Denmark
Day of Wrath (1943)

After going from the somber Gertrud to the colorful dancing fable Black Orpheus, I decided to get depressed again and see the last of the major Carl Dreyer films I hadn’t seen (Gertrud, Ordet, Vampyr and The Passion of Joan of Arc are the other ones, if you’re scoring at home). This one didn’t make the 1001 movie book cut, but this story of a family set during the time of the 17th century witch trials, might be my favorite of the batch.

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