Monday, March 14, 2011


My own personal March movie madness. My goal is make 31 posts in 31 days about 31 movies. They all must be non-U. S. films that I haven’t seen before. Why do I make this stipulation? Don’t know exactly, by we all have to have goals, don’t we?

Day fourteen, from the Commonwealth of Australia
Mad Max (1979)

It may seem strange that a moviegoer from my generation has never seen any of the Mad Max/Road Warrior Movies (Though I did hear Tina Turner’s song Beyond Thunderdome at least a thousand times back when it was in the top 40). Actually, when I watched the extras to the DVD I rented, I realized that I had seen part of a version of Mad Max. It was an English dub on cable many years ago. You got that? A movie that was already in English used a dub with American voice actors! I remember the voices in that version seemed so strange that I was only able to watch a portion of it. Glad I saved a complete viewing for the real "undubbed" deal.


  1. Cmon, lets be honest, MAD MAX is a little bit crap. We watched it for the podcast months ago and it really ain't no good!

  2. The biggest problem I had with it is that Max always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. You have hooligans trying to kill you- don't send your wife and child out for ice cream alone! Your wife has just been followed by these hooligans-don't leave her and your child alone! Some have said The Road Warrior was better.