Thursday, October 4, 2012


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The Hills Have Eyes

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This was a late seventies midnight movie that I never got around to seeing during the days when I went to see midnight movies.

Wes Craven’s low-budget story of a white bread family traveling out West that gets terrorized by a family of cannibals is not for all tastes, but it certainly is not without its charms (for lack of a better word).

Torn poster: There is a scene after the initial altercation between the two groups in which we see a torn poster of Jaws on the wall, which is later echoed in the film The Evil Dead, which has a scene with a torn poster of The Hills Have Eyes. I hoped to get to the meaning of the torn poster of Jaws from Wes Craven’s audio commentary. Wes’s comment on the scene was, “There’s the torn poster of Jaws.” Hmmm. I guess the meaning will have to be deciphered by future scholars.

It’s not as graphic as The Evil Dead (few films are) but it does have its share of gruesomeness, so those that aren’t satisfied until a certain level of gore is obtained should probably get their fill.

The CB factor: Ah, the days before cell phones-when drama could unfold without the crutch of texting. Yes, this family in need used a CB radio in its time of crisis. I could almost hear the C. W. McCall song Convoy playing in the background. The cannibal family also had to make use of walkie talkies! Walkie Talkies! How cool is that?

But overall, would I recommend The Hills Have Eyes? Would it be in my book?

I’m not so sure, though any movie whose cast includes the unique look of Michael Berryman (above) certainly has at least that going for it.

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