Monday, August 11, 2014


Sex! Drugs! and Rock and Roll! 
or If You Remember the 60's You Weren't Really There Week
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Plot synopsis: A hip photographer in 60's London takes some outdoor photographs that may contain something sinister lurking in the background.

It's a 60's kind of quote: Abstract artist talking about his work: That must be five or six years old. They don't mean anything when I do them. Just a mess. Afterwards, I find something to hang on to, like that...quite like that leg. Then it sorts itself out and adds up. It's like finding a clue in a detective story.

Iconic 60's shot: Mimes playing tennis without a ball.

Sex: Our unnamed photographer protagonist has a threesome at his studio with two model wannabes while wrapped in the photographic backdrop paper.

Drugs: Looking for his friend Ron at a club, the photographer goes to a pot party. He questions a stoned model, "I thought you were in Paris." "I am in Paris," she replies. When he finds Ron, he is unable to convince his stoned friend of the ramifications of finding a dead body and leaves.

Rock and Roll: The Yardbirds play a set for a rather somnambulistic audience who only come alive when the lead guitarist smashes his guitar and tosses the neck of it into the crowd.

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