Monday, October 20, 2014


DAY 1 

Plot: Three college students go out in the woods to film a documentary about the legendary Blair Witch. It does not go as planned.

Favorite part: Little tricks of the film, such as the leaving behind of cairns or faraway noises by the unseen antagonists add much to the tension of the film. (By the way, is this film a real documentary or not?)

Least favorite part: I'm not trying to be prudish here, but our travelers use of four letter words throughout their filmmaking journey got to be distracting after awhile. Save the cursin' for when the witch is chasin' ya!

Scariest part: The end, when we see one of the characters performing a ritual that was subtly alluded to during the course of the film.

Best screaming: At the end of the film, we hear the remaining survivor screeching for her companion, Mike! Wait! Mike!! Mike!!! Mike!!!! Mike!!!!

Additional note: The critical rating on this movie is thirty percent higher than the fan rating on the rotten tomatoes website. Perhaps what seemed so different and unique at one time can start to seem old hat to viewers if it gets imitated enough.


  1. I thought this was a very effective film and quite scary. I think the lower ratings are mostly from the gorehounds that were disappointed by a PG-13 movie not giving them what they were expecting in a horror movie.

  2. I've also heard that same complaint about the first Paranormal Activity and other films. Some people just don't find suspense a good substitute for graphic violence.