Sunday, January 19, 2014


Doesn't it seem like British movies have a distinctive air of, for lack of another word Britishness? 
But exactly HOW British are they?

How British is it? Month (Post 7 of 10)

Odd Man Out

Suspenseful drama about an Irish revolutionary and his dealings with various people who are trying to either hurt, help or use him. Odd Man Out's many late night street scenes definitely reminds me a great deal of Carol Reed's later classic, The Third Man.

But how British is it? Irish revolutionaries? Yet, the film isn't really about that. It even says so in the film's opening scroll. British pubs and horse drawn carriages? There's a bit of that. But it's really just another example of film noir and how the odd man out gets used and misused. The setting for this could easily be transferred elsewhere.

Rating for Britishness from 1-10: I liked this film, but I can only give it a Britishness rating of about 6.


  1. I rather liked this one, too, but I'm prone to liking just about everything that features James Mason.