Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Doesn't it seem like British movies have a distinctive air of, for lack of another word Britishness? 
But exactly HOW British are they?

How British is it? month (Post 3 of 10)

Things to Come

Plot Summary: John Cabal and others are distressed at the potential for an oncoming World War in the British Everytown during Christmas. Their fears come true as a relentless World War begins that leads to famine, plague, societal degeneration and a disarming lack of petrol during the next thirty years. In 1974, Everytown is visited by a man in a futuristic flying machine who turns out to be John Cabal himself. Cabal is part of a society that is called Wings Over the World that has renounced war. After a fierce struggle with Everytown's evil local warlord, Cabal and Wings Over the World triumph and begin to build a new society. We finally end up in 2036, where Everytown's future toga wearing society lead by one of Cabal's descendants has advanced to a position where they are ready to send someone to the moon. They are in for a struggle, as some in this society fear change and progress and will do anything they can to stop it.

This very early entry into sci-fi is interesting as a curio and the special effects aren't too bad either. H. G. Wells's Things to Come does come across as a little pompous and preachy at times and those toga outfits are a more than a little weird. But there are some neat plot threads in this film such as the continued presence of John Cabal as well as Wells accurate prediction of an upcoming World War. Of course, Wells also predicts we'll send a man to the moon by the year 2036 and "SPOILER" we (in the real world) actually got there a bit sooner than that.

But How British is it? Well it's pretty British in that the setting is the British Everytown and the decisions that determine the fate of this world are determined by Warlords or Toga Wearing Englishmen as if England were still the center of the universe. 

Rating for Britishness from 1-10: Let's give it a 7

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  1. Yeah, those togas are nuts, but the styling in the future is awesome. Like a clean version of Metropolis. I am on the fence with the entertainment value of the film, but it is distinctly British.