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If Clint Eastwood just made one of these two films about the United States invasion of Iwo Jima, it would have been a nice achievement. But the fact that he made both back to back is most impressive indeed. Flags of Our Fathers is from the American perspective, but it is far from jingoistic. It goes into how the selling of the war was so as important in keeping the war effort going.
And from the American perspective-War is Hell.

Letters from Iwo Jima twists the perspective to the Japanese soldiers, most of whom know they will not be coming back. Iwo Jima may even be better than Flags of Our Fathers, as it neatly incorporates aspects of the other film in subtle ways, such as showing us the Japanese solider suicides in the cave in which the bodies were found by the American soldiers in the other film.
And from the Japanese perspective-War is Hell.

From the Soundtrack of All This and World War II

Perennially sultry song stylist Tina Turner is one performer who can really make just about any song her own. Her version of Come Together may be may favorite song on the soundtrack. She fared less well a couple of years later when she joined the chorus for the finale of Robert Stigwood's Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Tina performs with Sir Paul in 1986.
Come Together

Lou Reizner and Will Malone are primarily know as producers, but they have a chance to show off their vocal talents (with the aid of a lot of synthesizers) on You Never Give Me Your Money.

Will Malone did the soundtrack to the
British horror film Raw Meat.
Note to self: Watch a movie called
Raw Meat ASAP!

Lou Reizner was one of the producers
of Rick Wakeman's 70's magnum opus
Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
You Never Give Me Your Money

The London Symphony Orchestra concludes the soundtrack with a version (appropriately enough) of The End.

The All That and World War II soundtrack is a mixed bag for sure, but I'm still glad I went through it.

The End

Might be time to listen to some of the originals now.