Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My own personal March movie madness. My goal is make 31 posts in 31 days about 31 movies. They all must be non-U. S. films that I haven’t seen before. Why do I make this stipulation? Don’t know exactly, by we all have to have goals, don’t we?

Day nine, from the Federated Republic of Brazil
Black Orpheus (1959)

When you watch the films from the 1001 Movies book, it is interesting to see films back to back that are totally different. After viewing the depressing, bleak Danish Carl Dreyer film Gertrud-I watched Black Orpheus, which is bursting with color, Bossa Nova music, dancing and Carnivale! I said to myself while watching it, “I wish I could dance.” Which is a question I didn’t ask myself while watching Carl Dreyer’s movie.