Monday, April 29, 2013


30 from the 90's Post 29 of 30

The Ice Storm

Family drama with good cast whose strongest recommendation for me is probably how well it takes you back into 1973. I say that being a person who doesn’t take much prodding to get back to 1973, as I am seem to find myself forever stuck in that decade. So I gotta like the teenager who makes out while wearing a Nixon mask, the waterbeds, polyester pants and the suburbia wife swapping as well as the reruns of Time Tunnel, The Green Hornet and Divorce Court. Love that 70's home d├ęcor too!

Question from my wife: “Why does Kevin Kline’s chest have to be so hairy?” When asked this question, I looked at her and didn’t answer since I assumed the question was rhetorical and not of a medical nature.

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